Neural Parametric Mixtures for Path Guiding

Honghao Dong, Guoping Wang, Sheng Li
Peking University
SIGGRAPH 2023 Conference Proceedings
We present a neural representation to encode the target distributions for path guiding algorithms. Our method could be efficiently trained with gradient-based optimization strategies.


Previous path guiding techniques typically rely on spatial subdivision structures to approximate directional target distributions, which may cause failure to capture spatio-directional correlations and introduce parallax issue. In this paper, we present Neural Parametric Mixtures (NPM), a neural formulation to encode target distributions for path guiding algorithms. We propose to use a continuous and compact neural implicit representation for encoding parametric models while decoding them via lightweight neural networks. We then derive a gradient-based optimization strategy to directly train the parameters of NPM with noisy Monte Carlo radiance estimates. Our approach efficiently models the target distribution (incident radiance or the product integrand) for path guiding, and outperforms previous guiding methods by capturing the spatio-directional correlations more accurately. Moreover, our approach is more training efficient and is practical for parallelization on modern GPUs.


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